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How To Choose Bridal Shoes?

One of the most exciting times of life for brides is undoubtedly their wedding. There is an extremely important process waiting for the brides, especially in the selection of the clothes they will wear on the wedding day and the accessories they will use. That's why we strive to make everything perfect.


It is very difficult to choose a wedding dress because it is a decoration that the bride will wear throughout the wedding. Another difficult choice after choosing a wedding dress is bridal shoes. Although the bridal shoes are perfectly beautiful on their own, they may not create a good combination and image when combined with the wedding dress.


An aesthetic and comfortable bridal shoe that does not limit your mobility is more important than anything!



First of all, we recommend that you choose your bridal shoes after you have decided on your wedding dress and your wedding or wedding concept. Every wedding is different. We can multiply such items for a salon wedding, a country wedding, a simple wedding, an organization to be held on the beach. For this reason, bridal shoes should not only be in harmony with the wedding dress, but also with the concept of the wedding organization. Just as other bridal products and bridal accessories are in harmony with each other, bridal shoes complete the wedding dress in terms of both comfort and theme.


There is always a perception in society: "The bride's shoes and the wedding dress should be in the same style." This statement is definitely not true. A very stylish and flashy bridal shoes will fit perfectly under a very simple wedding dress, or in a wedding dress with a lot of details, the bridal shoes can be plain. In country weddings, wedge heels can be preferred instead of stiletto bridal shoes. Brides who think about the comfort of their feet, who will go to have fun after the wedding, will also come across ballerina bridal shoes as an option.