About Us
About Us


Our company, which started its commercial activities in 1996, began producing bridal shoes, evening shoes, and handbags under the name GASPARA in 2010.

Today, we produce handmade bridal shoes in our own building. All of our productions are made by expert craftsmen with years of experience, using top-quality materials.

In addition to manufacturing for chain brands in Turkey, we also export to approximately 28 countries.

With our priority on quality and comfort, we are a company that offers our shoes to people and steadily progresses on this path.



GASPARA aims to stabilize its growth, compete with multinational world’s leading brands and produce and design trendy shoes in both domestic and international markets. While growing in concordance with the global conditions, to add value to its nation is the main target of GASPARA. To produce beyond expectations and offer the best and the most satisfying service to our clients is always a priority for us, therefore, with its efficiency, trustworthiness and sufficiency, GASPARA is constantly increasing the amount of value that it gives to its suppliers, clients and co-workers.



GASPARA’s vision is to be a Turkish brand that goes beyond borders by offering products to its customers will, products that add colors and comfort to life and create fashion in our global World. With its unique and special collections, the brand marches with safe and huge steps and continues to grow with constancy.



As GASPARA, we are working with a capacity of 1500 pairs/week, to manufacture the high quality shoes with the best quality of materials with a purpose of being a leading company which creates the fashionable shoes for both the domestic and international market. We will be glad to welcome you in our showroom to see the latest bridal and evening shoes collection of GASPARA.